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Niel Viljoen - predation management programme

The National Woolgrowers' Association of SA (NWGA) started an integrated predation management programme in 2007.  Part of the NWGA's strategy to improve predation management in SA is training farmers and farmworkers in predation management and using so-called monitor farms where best practice predation management is demonstrated.  Since 2008, a total of 30 monitor farms have been used in South Africa, covering an area in excess of 155 000 ha.  Article by Niel Viljoen as appeared in the December 2016 Wool Farmer.

Predation statistics

2008 Study - Predation statistics

Extent of predation in the 5 main small livestock producing provinces of South Africa.  The study focussed on the economic implications of predation by Black-backed Jackal (Canis mesomelas) and Caracal (Caracal caracal) on small livestock (sheep and goats).  Losses incurred as a result of predation by these predators were quantified in the five main small livestock producing provinces.  Study done by Walter van Niekerk, University of Free State.  Read here.

A national perspective of the impact of predation by Black-backed Jackal and Caracal.


2002 Ongedierte opname deur BKB 

Enkele resultate van die opname.


2001 Estimation of financial losses for Carte Blanche  

National Woolgrowers' Association of SA (NWGA) provide details of the estimation of financial losses to Carte Blanche. Read here.