EC Provincial Gazette 2016 Hunting Proclamation

Official Gazetted 2016 EC Provincial Hunting Proclamation.

This is an extract of the 52 page document (3676_30-5_ECape) which was downloaded off the Government Printers website,  For some unknown reason the general notice #22 was combined with another proclamation #1, another notice #133 and a local authority notice #47, all of which are irrelevant to our notice.

Next year the dates of the hunting season will run from the 1st of a month to the last day of a month.

This was agreed upon by all participants, of the Stakeholders in the EC Safari Industry Committee (SECSICOM), at a meeting held on 31 May 2016.

Should the EC Provincial Hunting Proclamation, for some unavoidable and unfortunate incident ever be delayed again, the dates in the current years proclamation will remain effective.

Received from Tim de Jongh, EC Dept. Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism - 082 461 4087



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