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Newsletter November 2020

The November newsletter welcomes newly appointed GM of WRSA to the PMSA structures ; how research priorities have changed from Jackal and Caracal to Stray dogs, Baboons and Bushpigs, requesting research and tertiary institutions as well as research structures within agricultural commodities to consider, pursue and/or fund these priorities ; livestock farmers are invited to take part in a predation survey and the Predation Management Centre (PMC) avail leaflets on predators, specifically the reproduction cycle of the Caracal. 

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Newsletter October 2020

The October newsletter differentiates between a farmer who uses reactive predator control methods versus predation management practices in controlling predation losses.  Read about the intervention by PMSA to assist Western Cape Predation Forum to solve issue of damage caused by bush pigs in the Southern Cape area.  The Predation Management Centre (PMC) compiled a summary of a study completed in 2016 on the economic impact of predation in the wildlife ranching industry.

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September 2020

The discussions and decisions taken during PMSA executive meeting in August, is contained in the September 2020 newsletter.  According to predation specialist Niel Viljoen, the isolation process is the most successful predation management practice. 

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August 2020

If you ever wondered who the PMSA comprise of, read the August 2020 newsletter.  Predation expert Niel Viljoen uses his own website to hep farmers manage predation effectively.  The University of the Free State, Predation Management Centre (PMC) reveals new research, which incorporate research findings into a management information system. 

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July 2020 Newsletter

The July 2020 newsletter looks at the practice of taxi hunting or what is commonly known as "illegal large-scale hunting with dogs".  Predation specialist Niel Viljoen's 12 years experience on monitor farms reveals that it provides a good source of advice in predation management.  By constantly evaluating the effectiveness of different management tools, farmers are informed and trained to ensure the survival of their livestock and the farming community as a whole. 

The latest version of "Predation management in South Africa - historical milestones" has been released on the Predation Management Centre website 

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June 2020

Williston small stock farmer Dr. Koos Louw enlighten us with his own research and calculations on the electrification of fences as a cost effective tool in predation management on extensive small stock farming conditions. 

David Wardle, Cathcart looks at the nationwide problem of stray dogs and categorize them into "Intentional stock theft coupled with damage causing dogs" and "Unattended stray dogs". 

Predation Management Centre (PMC) has sourced several studies completed over the past ten years on predators and / or predation management.  This month's leaflet focuses on the feeding behaviour of the caracal.  

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